Our company has been manufactured casting of Bronze-Brass-Aluminum alloys through following technological innovations within its plant by centrifuging, die casting and sand casting methods since 1995. It achieves all interval phases of product from casting to assembling with CNC lathes, horizontal and vertical screwing machines finically; follows the quality of products through using special laboratory devices. Today the business fields that we achieved manufacturing are; special parts that are used at defense industry, automotive industry, lifting gears, crane and reducer gears, special gears, infinite screws and heavy duty machines group; Caterpillar, Komotsu etc. gear and bush. The guarantee of our success and sustainability at manufacturing is our working with honesty at the service and quality principle. Our firm which mentions its name with trust in the sector has been among the leader foundations, and we acknowledge you, our valuable customers due to close concern and support, our firm also aimed to give service you in the future as it is today.